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"Sensual Earth"

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. The sun travels through Taurus from April 21st-May 21st. It is a feminine, fixed earth sign. Taurians are grounded, organized, and practical. The fixity of this sign (and for all fixed signs) can make Taurians stubborn on matters but also steady, solid and trustworthy. Being an earth sign, they will be well-grounded and will come off as very stable individuals. They are strong-willed and generally have a reputation for being accountable. 


They make for hard workers and can exhibit a steadfast determinism when reaching for their goals. Blessed with the touch of Venus, their ruler, Taurian women and men will exhibit a Venetian beauty. Taurus men will generally have the Bovine/Bull look to them. Sensual, patient, structured, consistent, kind and reliable are all traits you will generally find in a Taurian.

Venus is the lover all worldly things, so Taurians will be very sensual in this regard. They will be very in touch with their senses and the deeper appreciation for the finer things in life and in general will exhibit an elegant, creative, and pleasant essence. 

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