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"Intense Water"

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. The sun travels through Scorpio from October 23rd - Nov 22nd. It is a fixed, feminine water sign. It's motto is "I Desire." 

It is the fixed water sign of the water sign triplicity, making them the most stubborn out of the water signs. They are emptionally intense, strong-willed and ambitious. Mars and Pluto are their co-rulers. 

In medical Astrology, Scorpio rules the regenerative regions/organs and the urinary tract.

Sex, death, re-birth and transformation are heavy themes with Scorpio. These sun people have sex appeal and magnetism and this can aid them in their ambitions.


They are passionate, idealistic, intense and have a strong drive to succeed. Being a fixed sign, they like to be in control, and can be rigid when going after goals. 

There is a strong regenerative power within them to overcome obstacles and transform themselves for the better. Because of their ability to probe deep into darker hidden realms of  life, there can be a great sense of mystery to Scorpios. They travel well between the light and the dark and have a firm grasp of the varying degrees of birth, life and death. 

They are presistent, dedicated and resilient and when they choose to harness their incredible regenerative power for the positive, it can bring them great success in their chosen fields. 

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