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"Humanitarian Air"

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The sun travels through this sign from Jan 20- Feb 19. It is a fixed, masculine air sign. It's ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn. It's motto is "I know." It rules the ankles, shins, and circulation of the body. House: 11th

Being the 11th sign, eleven a master number, Aquarians seem to stand in a league of their own. They are the quirky, free-thinking oddballs of the zodiac. They are often in their own worlds, caught in the dreamclouds, downloading knowledge from somewhere others can't see. Uranus being their ruler, there's a cosmic electricty that seems to run though them. They are the most eccentric and visionary out of all the signs. Freedom and independence are strong suits. They will always fight for humanity at large and are charitable. 

Being a fixed air sign, they are naturally intellectual and can be very stubborn with their need (and humanity's need) for freedom. The 11th house is the social house, so being friendly and social also comes natural to them, but they need to stand alone in some way, and this is it what makes their sign somewhat of a paradox, and thus makes them stand out. 

Uranus is about originality, and Aquarian's are just that. They will always be thinking of the future in their creative outlets and it's hard for them to not be a revolutionary in the process. 

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