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"Mystical Fire"


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, beginning on March 21st and spanning the first 30 days until April 20. Being the first sign, it's the sign of new beginnings, the spring season. The sun has crossed back over the equater and now is giving more daylight to the Northern Hemisphere. 

Being the first cardinal fire sign, Aries are extremely energetic and naturally independent. They like to be first at everything and because of this they are courageous and make great warriors.  Being ruled by Mars has a lot to do with it too, as Mars is the God of war. Note that Mars is Ram spelled backwards and Aries means Ram in Latin. Ram also is an acronym for Right ascension of meridian, something the sun does in the sky every day. The word Ray and Ra also come from the sun. facing south in the northern hemisphere, one will see the sun right ascend to the meridian (the Highest point in the sky) every day.


The same aries traits can ring true for Aries Rising and Aries moon (as with other signs). That bursting, cardinal fire energy is tough to miss and can have an inspirational and motivating effect on others: Aries Risings in the their first impressions on others and Aries Moons with their emotional and reactive nature. Aries are Energetic, enthusiastic and eager to start new projects. Ambition is a strong suit.

Being the babies of the zodiac, Aries will have that lamb-like innocence to them. They will look like the ram, headfirst diving into everything. There's a gulliblity to Aries but don't be fooled by their innocent nature, they are warriors to the core.


All cardinal signs will exhibit an enterprising nature, ie eager to start things and take action, as the cardinal signs each begin the seasons. Aries with spring, Cancer with summer, Libra with autumn, and Capricorn with winter.


The mystical spirit of fire is strong in Aries because it's the fire that rules the head and heaven, thus the spirit of fire. Interesting to note that inspiration has the root word "spirit" in it. 

Since the sun exalts in Aries, ie the sun is resurrected from winter and brings warmth and longer days than nights when he enters aries, this is a very dignified sun sign to have.  The vitality of life is strong in Aries (as is in all three fire signs) because the element fire is attributed to the sun, THE GIVER OF LIFE. 

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