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"Harmonious Air"

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac. The sun travels through Libra from September 23rd-October 22nd. It is a cardinal, masculine air sign. 

Libran's are ruled by Venus, the planet of peace, harmony, and beauty. Libra is represented by the scales bring that it's the time of year of equal balance and yearly judgement. In medical astrology Libra is linked to the kidneys and lower back. 

Being ruled by Venus, Libra is an artistic sign, idealistic, peace-keeping, people-pleasing, charming, romantic, social and delightful. There's a great sense of diplomacy with these sun-types.  

They frequently search for love and meaningful partnerships. They are often very approachable becuase of their ability to listen well and see all sides of a situation. This makes them good mediators, counselors, lawyers, and judges. 

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