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"Receptive Water"

Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. The sun travels through this sign from Feb 20th-March 20th. It is a mutable, feminine water sign. It's motto is "I Believe." In anatomy, it rules the feet and lymphatic system. House: 12th.

Pisces complete the astrological cycle. If Aries is the beginning, the Alpha, then Pisces is the end, the Omega.

Their ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are mystical  beings, probably the most spiritual out of all signs, who are deeply connected to the subconscious.


Being a water sign they are naturally sensitive, emotional but being of the mutable modality are adaptable. It's the sign and house of selfless service. They are intutive, kind and imaginative. Compassion sympathy and empathy are ingrained into them.

They have a heightened spiritual awareness that is unique. Neptune, their co-ruler, rules dreams, the deep seas of imagination and creativity, which can lead them to thrive in artistic environments where their emotionality can be expressed.

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