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A Little Bit About Me

Growing up I was always interested in secret things and mysteries and would go to great lengths to investigate them. Even if it was long bike rides around the neighborhood to uncover areas unknown to me, or just solving jigsaw puzzles at home, investigating in general was something I gravitated to. I wanted to explore the unknown.


As I've grown older I've learned this trait simply cannot leave me. Anything mysterious and hidden will always grab my attention and I will give a great amount of passion and emotional energy towards it until a firm understanding is established. 

After getting a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, traveling around the world (twice) and switching careers into the arts, I subsequently found (by divine intent) the esoteric sciences and my life-long education (dedication) into the mysteries began.


I feel the most at home each time I delve into the mystical arts and sciences, and especially when I speak them into action. If I spend too much time away, I'm quickly drawn back.


After my years of studying astrology, I discovered the reasons for this could all be explained in my birth chart. I wholeheartedly know that one of my life's missions is to work with others to help them better understand (inner-stand) their lives through astrology and use the knowledge gained to put to practical use.  


It's an amazing gift for a person to truly know themselves and frequenting oneself with their astrological birth chart is by far one of the most powerful and effective tools in getting to a state of heightened awareness and consciousness. 



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