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My Services

I approach the analysis of the birth chart from the Western - Geocentric - Tropical school. The science of astrology is found on the sine wave of the eclipitc path of the sun as it makes its yearly transit from Tropic to Tropic (Cancer to Capricorn). Astrology is a wave science. The science of light wave frequency, of archetypal energy.

I use the Placidus (Porphyry) house system which is a variable House system. In my analysis, it is the best with syncing with the human body and the elemental energy of your rising sign (the most personal aspect) and other planet house placements.

Exact birth time is needed to calculate chart, but if it is unknown there are a few ways to deduce rising sign characteristics, which could narrow in on the time of day.

The Zodiac

"The Science of Astrology is on the Ecliptic."  


One Hour Birth Chart Reading


I'll show you how your personality is a reflection of the arrangement of the planets and the signs and houses they fall under. I'll go through each house position and show how the planets in their houses affects those areas of life. I'll touch more on planetary aspects (how planets relate to one another) and the larger planet transits of Pluto and Saturn through your chart and what life area they are currently affecting. I'll also touch on dominant planets (Chart rulers), and career paths indicators.


Two Hour Birth Chart Reading


I'll touch on everything in the one hour session but we will just have more to expand the analysis. I will get more into the depths of your chart from the angle of health. I'll be using medical astrology to highlight troublesome (Malefic) planets (and Benefic ones) and incorporate the twelve tissue cell salts into the analysis to show the benefits of their application into one's health routine (to make up for the cell salt difficiencies given at birth). I'll also touch on your numerology life path number and your best matches for long term personal relationships/synastry.

All Sessions will be done on zoom (Video call or Audio, your choice)

I will be sharing my screen as I break down your birth chart

Recordings are made at your discretion

Bookings can also be made directly through email to:

*I'm fairly flexible with time, so all sessions will have added time buffer allowance depending on the situation.


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