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Feature length Psychological mystery/ thriller 

Tragedy-stricken actor Jack Cohen gets transported to an alternate reality on Halloween night in Hollywood finding himself in a Twilight Zone-fight for his life to finish a mysterious and fateful deadline.


While on stage taking bows before the final curtain of his critically accliamed off-Broadway play, League of Bones star Jack Cohen is visited by a mysterious man who grants him a wish to see a different reality. When the wish strangely comes true, we find Jack on Halloween night in Hollywood, seemingly having no memory of his famous past self and now a struggling screenwriter on the verge of a major breakthrough. 


After bizarre encounters with a psychic, his roommate, two of his neighbors, and a screenwriting consultant, Jack has a chance run in with a famous Hollywood director who shows interest in producing Jack's screenplay. The meeting takes a horrific turn for the worse, however, and Jack begins to lose grip of his reality. After almost getting hit by a bus, an observant woman saves him and brings him to a prestigious Halloween party in the Hollywood hills. But the glamour of the party quickly fades and a series of revelations launch Jack into a death defying race against time to not only save himself but the beautiful woman he just met, all before a long awaited showdown with a real-life Vampire. No-thing is what it seems in this harrowing Halloween thriller.

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