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Feature length Psychological mystery/ thriller 

Tragedy-stricken actor Jack Cohen makes a deal with Death and gets transported to an alternate reality on Halloween night in Hollywood, finding himself in a Twilight Zone-fight for his life to finish a mysterious and fateful deadline.


While on stage taking bows before the final curtain of his critically accliamed off-Broadway play Knock, Knock, League of Bones star Jack Cohen is visited by a mysterious man who claims to be Death and offered a chance to experience another reality. Jack thinks it's a prank, but minutes later finds himself transported to Halloween night in Los Angeles, seemingly having no memory of his famous past self. 

After bizarre encounters with a psychic, his strange roommate, and a screenwriting consultant, Jack meets with a famous Hollywood director looking to adapt his graphic vampire novel. But when the momentous meeting goes horribly south, Jack starts to lose grip of his reality. In his downword spiral, he nearly gets hit by a bus, but an observant woman saves him, and hoping to cheer him up, brings him to a prestigious Halloween party in the Hollywood hills.


At the majestic Halloween gala, a series of heart-pounding revelations further alter Jack's grasp on reality, and he quickly finds himself in a mind-bending, death-defying race against time to not only save his life but the life of the beautiful woman he just met, all before a big showdown with a real-life Vampire. Nothing is what it seems in this harrowing Halloween thriller.