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"Expanding Fire"

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. The sun travels through this sign from Nov 23-Dec 21. It is a mutable, masculine fire sign.  

It's ruling planet is Jupiter and in medical astrology it rules the hips, thighs and liver. 

Sagitarrian's are adventerous, optimistic, energetic, independent. They love freedom and travel and taking risks. Jupiter their ruling planet pushes their limits, and expands their horizons which in turn attracts good luck and fortune. 

They are represented by the half-man, half-horse (the Centaur) holding a bow and arrow (the Archer flinging it's arrow long distance). Discovering new heights (through higher learning and knowledge, religion, spirituality, and philospohical exploration) and then expanding their physical horizons through long distance travel are key tenents to their composition.


Frequent change is common (inward and outwardly), because of this need to travel and expand, so new ideas and widely varied interests can come to them. 

Relishing in positivity is something that comes naturually for them as well because of Jupiter's benefic influence. They are easy-going, love excitement, like enjoying life to it's fullest (Jupiter expanding) and are generally of a jovial nature. 

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