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"Radiant Fire"

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. The sun travels through Leo from July 23-August 22. It's motto is "I Will." Like air and fire signs, it is a masculine sign, and the fixed sign of summer. This time of year being the warmest, the Sun is the natural ruler of Leo.


Leo's are bold, radiant people who come from the heart (Leo rules the heart, back and spine in Astrology) They are the Kings of the Zodiac and they will let you know instantly of their regality. Leo's generally like being the center of attention (like the sun) and they don't shy away from the spotlight. 

Being a fixed sign, Leo's will be stubborn and determined to succeed in their chosen fields. They are fearless, loyal, and confident. Everything that they do is full of life and energy. They bring the sun to every situation, so it's hard for Leo's not to get noticed. They are hard workers, good providers, and they always know how to keep life exciting. 

They are warm, generous, witty, and impressive. Entertaining is a strong suit and they always know how to keep things fun. They take pride in pleasing others, as a leader or a generous host. 

Leo's are generally multi-talented and gain appreciation and admiration easily from others. They manifest easily what they set their goals on. Passion and charisma seems to ooze out of them. 

People who have their sun in the fifth house will also take on traits of a Leo sun, and sometimes get mistaken for a Leo Sun. Since the fifth house is ruled by the Sun, any sun placement will receive extra hot rays from the Sun and this extra radiance will be reflected into those individuals.


Sun accidentally falling in the fifth house is one of the luckiest placements to have along with other benefic planets falling in the fifth house. The same goes for planets in the opposite house of the fifth, the eleventh house, which is the social house of friends.  

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