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"Nurturing Water"

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The sun travels through Cancer from June 21-July 22. It is a feminine, cardinal water sign and starts the summer season. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer so these people will be loyal and nurturing. Family and home life will be very important to them. They are represented by the crab, and will share the crab's hard exterior shell - a caring, protective shield to protect what's most precious to them inside (the home).


Like other cardinal signs, there's an enterprising nature to Cancers. They like taking action. the hot summer season has started, but they will go about it in a motherly, almost regal way. Being so close to the Leo and the Sun, there's a sense of royalty to Cancers. If the Sun (Leo) is the father (King) of the Zodiac, then the Moon (Cancer), undoutedly, is the Mother, or the Queen.

Cancers are emotional, intuitive, patient, devoted, private, maternal and kind. 

The motherly nature makes them good judges of character, honest, and they enjoy helping others. Being a water sign, ruled by the moon, there's a natural sensitivity to Cancers, and they can be moody.


Once you penetrate the hard exterior shell, the compassionate, intuitive, empathetic, warm-hearted, maternal nature takes over. Cancers are usually fond of cooking and making meals for others. Food helps balance the moods and energy and they feel most at home when they cook. 

There's an unmistakable devotion to family and friends seen in Cancers, but they, like the crab, need ample time to retreat away, and recharge. Cancers thrive best when they become conscious of their feelings and then take action on them.

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