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"Intellectual air"


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac spanning from May 21-June 20th. Being a mutable air sign these people are natural communicators and networking is a strong suit. The curious and intelligent mind of Gemini's pushes them to grow their network and be the "connectors" of the zodiac. Being a mutable sign, ie the signs right before the season changes (Gemini-spring into summer), these people will be versatile and adaptable, which aids in their communication. The air elemental quality makes them lofty in how they communicate. Being ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, intelligence and knowledge seems to flow through them and this is what attracts many people and grows their desired network.


Geminis are usually well-educated and well-versed on many subjects. The dual nature to this sign gives them a multi-tasking ability, so they may take on more than they can chew sometimes. By default they can appear flighty (another air term), and thus can gain the reputation of being "shifty" and "two-faced", but this is simply their nature and should not be misunderstood. 

Gemini is a very active sign (season's changing) and can bring a sense of restlessness to the individual. They seem to be burning the candle at both ends all the time. It makes them a great resource because of this craving for knowledge and also can make Geminis great entertainers. 

The Mutability gives Geminis an active and restless nature and will urge them to change their scenery more often than others. Frequent travel and movement will be a priority in life. Learning from the unexpected is something Geminis like so a job or career or lifestyle that involves frequent travel is paramount. 

Gemini's like constant mental stimulation and sharing information so it's tough for them to keep to themselves for too often. They are clever with their words and their incessant need to question and find answers can lead to success in their chosen field, usually one that involves a lot of communication. 

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