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Greetings and Welcome

I hope you have come well to my site. My name is Kevin and I am a intuitive astrologer. I've been studying the esoteric and mystical sciences extensively for the past five years, and have gone to great lengths in understanding the fine details and inner workings of the individual astrological natal chart.

Considering yourself an astrologer isn't something I thought I'd honestly ever entertain, but when you study something so in depth and for so long and commit it to memory, it naturally starts to become a reality. 

Astrology is a divine science. The mother of all sciences. The word of the stars. It is an ancient langauge with many intricate layers and takes great care to properly dissect. I think certain people are born to find it, to learn it, to know it and to practice it. And this proclivity can undoubtedly be found in their charts. From my analysis of hundreds of charts I am continually astounded by the accuracy of what I see unfold in the personality of each person. Astrology is a hidden code running in the background of this reality we find ourselves in. 

It will be my job if you decide to work with me to guide you into the most probing depths of your individual birth chart, so that you may better innerstand yourself and start to see who you are from a more profound astrological level.

Aries the Ram

My Birth (Be-earth) Chart

My journey into astrology all started with my chart. Click HERE to see me breakdown my own chart. 

In Tropical Western Astrology (which is found on the sine wave - the ecliptic path of the sun on it's yearly course from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn) I am an Aries Sun with Mercury and Venus also in Aries, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon and Taurus Mars.

Your rising sign is the most personal aspect. It's the first lens through which you see the world and it's how people first see you. Being a Virgo Rising it makes me very analyical. I pay great attention to detail and like to strive for the exactness and perfection in life. It has its ups and downs just like any other rising sign but being a Virgo rising can pay divdends in the field of astrology because of the detailed-oriented and multi-layered nature of the science. 

Venus and Mercury conjunct gives the gift of speech, but with the planets being in Aries, the way I communocate will be rather quick and rapid (Aries cardinal fire energy). My earth placements firm the fiery nature up a bit. I'll come ome off as an earthy dude, but beneath the grounded exterior is a head full of fire.


My Aries Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in the 7th house of Libra. This being the house of judgement, balance, harmony, law, mediation, counseling, teaching etc, suggests some type of career interest in those fields where I would work one on one with other people.


Mercury rules my MC (Medium Coeli) in Gemini. This is the highest point in someone's chart where we find the career house. A career indicator is taking the ruler of the MC, and finding which house that ruler tenants. In my case Mercury happens to be in my 7th house.

Having a lot of 7th house energy can make the tenant somewhat of a people pleaser and especially with their sun there, they can take on traits of a Libra sun (as with all suns in the house they tenant). With the planets being in Aries it will give me an enterprising, energetic, aggressive, and sometimes conflicting nature to how I go about my seventh house matters. (Aries being opposite Libra in Libra's house). Being late degree Virgo rising all the 12 signs are in their opposite houses. What does all this really mean? Well, in general I am going to be a person who likes to keep the peace in public and in my circles, professional and personal. That being said, there will always be that warrior spirit simmering.  


My moon is exalting in Taurus. The moon likes being in this Venus-ruled sign. This placement can give a lot of confidence, but there needs to be a lot of stablity and security for it to work it's best. It makes me pretty calm and centered, sensual as well, which works well with any kind of teaching/counseling/mediating. I react in a stable and steadfast way. But since the Moon is conjunct Mars in the 8th house (along with my North Node (what life area my soul wants to learn/master in this lifetime - Purpose) there's a deep intensity/intuitive side to my reactivity and a strong passion for mysterious, occult matters like astrology. I feel most at home emotionally when I'm investigating and practicing these subjects!  

Some aspects of note in my chart:

Neptune trine Moon & Mars


The planets are in earth signs and water houses (both are feminine modality) Neptune is in Capricorn (earth) in the nurturing 4th house of home (water) and the Moon/Mars are in the grounded, stubborn, bull-headed Taurus (earth) but in the intense/passionate 8th house of Scorpio (water).


Mars being at home in the 8th house intensifies my Mars and by default all planets he's aspected to.

Neptune Trine Mars gives me spiritual courage and the ability to passionately and effectively motivate people. Neptune being the spiritual waters/underworld and Mars being what you fight for (God of War) - this aspect makes me want to fight for the underdog, or underworld ie I want to fight to bring to light the hidden spiritual world. There's a spiritual urge to serve selflessly with this aspect. (Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house - the sign and house of selfless service.)


Neptune/Moon trine aspect brings a sensitivity and a caring nature. This intuitive and psychic aspect makes me want to help others who deserve a hand up. In this case, helping them understand themselves better, which would raise them to a higher level of  consciousness. The moon being related to home and also the fourth house being home related, intensifies this aspect and makes me feel at home emotionally when I research hidden, subconscious spiritual matters (Neptune co-rules the Subconscious 12th house) and I'm going to do it in an intense, investigative, and passionate way (Scorpio 8th house).


Astrology brings out the nurturing side in me. My career house (the 10th house/public image) also happens to be in the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.


Mercury/Venus trine Uranus


Where Uranus is located is usually where you'll find yourself being original, eccentric or different and also how you'll express freedom and rebellion.

Uranus bieng in the third house of communication (in Sagittarius) shows that I'll be different and/or unique in the way I communicate and there will be a philosophical understone and big, expansive way to how I approach communication and writing - philosophy (lover of widsom) and higher education (expanding the horizons) being a tenant of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.


This energy is in direct harmony with my Mercury conjunct Venus in Libra's 7th house (of harmony, balance, partnerships (marraiges), counseling, diplomacy, and business partnerships.)

This trine being of the element fire (Aries to Sagittarius) in air (mind/intelligence/knowledge) houses brings a quick-minded, rapid, impulsive, yet enduring mystical (Myst-spirit of fire), fiery nature to my intellect and an electric, eclectic approach when it comes to teaching.

Since Uranus and Mercury are the rulers of Astrology, this trine of fire between these planets (including the infusion of the beauty of Venus into how I communicate) leads credence to my interest and/or career focus in astrology and the occult sciences.

The MC: A Career Indicator

Mercury rules both my ascendant (Virgo) and MC (Medium Coeli/Midheaven, which is in Gemini. A career indicator is not only taking into account the sign of your MC (in my case, Gemini - which would be a career in some type of communication where I'm a connector of sorts and also with Gemini, there's a duality to my career ie I'll have multiple careers and sometimes two at the same time - multi-tasking, versatile, adaptable - all traits of a mutable sign, but in Gemini's case the career will/is undoubtedly Mercury related), but also taking the ruler of your MC (mine being Mercury - Gemini) and then finding where Mercury is in your chart. Since Mercury is in the 7th house, it suggests a career interest that is 7th house related ie counseling, teaching, law, diplomacy, etc.

Service Oriented


Pisces and Virgo are both the signs of service (they are opposites - 6th and 12th Signs and Houses), Pisces being the sign of spiritual, self-less service and Virgo the earth-bound, tangible, get-your- hands-dirty material service.


Since I'm a late degree Virgo Rising (26 degrees), Virgo rules most of my 12th house (which deals with spirituality, mysticism hidden things like the human psyche and subconscious matters. This makes me very analytical when it comes to spiritual, subconscious matters like astrology and the human mind.

Interestingly, Pisces (being opposite Virgo) is the sign that governs most of my 6th house, which is Virgo's physical house of service (Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac and thus the 6th house). The 6th house rules jobs, work life, the harvesting season (reaping what you sow), daily routines, the physical world, nature in general (earth sign), health in general (Virgo rules the intestines/gut in Medical Astrology), and also pets.


Virgo being the 6th sign and the harvest season (August/September), it's a time when one looks back at their year and analyzes how they did/what they grew. This is where Virgos (Suns, Risings, Moons) get their analytical gene and what makes them practical, earth-bound people who are more inclined to be in tune with nature and the optimal fitness of their body, and who aren't afraid to do some work and get their hands dirty. 


I've always been service oriented and enjoy working to earn a buck. But I'm also geniunely interested in the spiritual well being of others, and I feel most at home when the work I do is service-related.


Having this Virgo/ Pisces axis perfectly line up with both my 6th and 12th houses of service (spiritual and physical) but flipped with Virgo in the 12th and Pisces in the 6th, I believe is just another strong testament as to why I've found my way into this spiritual, service-related field of study.

My Birth Chart
Image by Josh Rangel
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