I am a writer, actor, former traveling nomad, Truth seeker, researcher, spiritual warrior, and student of Syncretism.

Over the last few years, I have been on a rather profound and empowering spiritual journey which has opened new doors of perception, consciousness, and awareness.


This experience has coincided with the spawning of some creative writing endeavors, one being a feature film script I have penned called White Rabbit.

White Rabbit is a psychological mystery/ thriller/horror screenplay.

"A famous tragedy-stricken TV actor, while taking final curtain bows on closing night for his hit Broadway play KNOCK, KNOCK, is confronted by a man who claims to be DEATH and offered an opportunity to see a different reality. He accepts and gets transported to Halloween night in Los Angeles, where he now embodies a struggling graphic novelist fighting for his life to finish a mysterious, dangerous and fateful deadline."

Click on the concept movie poster to learn more about the film, as well as John Carpenter's Wheeping Ghost to get an idea about the desired musical tone for the film.