White Rabbit is feature film screenplay in the genres of Neo-noir, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense.

Tagline 1: 

One deadline. Two worlds colliding. Halloween has never been this dangerous. 

Tagline 2: 

Remember who you are.


JACK PEPPER is a successful actor known for the hit TV show LEAGUE of BONES. After his wife & co-star is tragically killed on-set from a firearms accident, the series comes to an abrupt end and he goes on to write and perform a critically-acclaimed Broadway play called KNOCK, KNOCK. On closing night, while taking bows before the final curtain, a mysterious man who claims to be DEATH appears and offers JACK a chance to experience another reality. He accepts and gets transported to Halloween night in Los Angeles where he now embodies a struggling graphic novelist fighting for his life to finish a big  deadline. 

After bizarre encounters with a psychic, a screenwriting consultant, and his strange roommate, JACK embarks on a career-defining meeting with a famous Hollywood director who wants to adapt his book. But when the momentous meeting goes horribly south, JACK's reality begins to slip away. His night takes an even bigger turn towards the unknown when a mysterious woman befriends him and brings him to an exclusive Halloween party in the Hollywood hills.


At the party, a series of revelations launch JACK into a reality- changing, mind-bending race against time to not only save himself but the beautiful woman he just met. He'll have to go to battle with his own mind as well as lingering ghosts from his past, all before a long-awaited showdown with a real life VAMPIRE. Nothing is what it seems in this harrowing Halloween thriller ripe with love triangles, cover-ups and conspiracy.​