White Rabbit is feature film screenplay written by Kevin Kirtlan. 


GENRE:  Neo-noir, Psychological Drama, Mystery, Thriller.

TAGLINE:  One deadline. Two worlds colliding. Halloween has never been this dangerous


SUMMARY: JACK PEPPER is a successful actor known for the hit TV show LEAGUE of BONES. After his wife & co-star is tragically killed on-set from a firearms accident, the series comes to an abrupt end and he goes on to write and perform a critically-acclaimed stage play KNOCK, KNOCK. On closing night, while taking bows before the final curtain, a mysterious man who claims to be DEATH appears and tells JACK that his time, too, is short. As part of his supposed contract with Death, JACK is granted an opportunity to see a different life and he's transported into an alternate, amnesic reality where he's now a struggling graphic novelist on the night of a big deadline. 


After a bizarre, inspiring encounter with a screenwriting consultant and a subsequent falling out with his nemesis roommate, JACK embarks on a career-defining meeting with a famous Hollywood director who wants to adapt his book. The momentous meeting goes horribly south, however and JACK's night takes a complete 180 when a mysterious woman screenwriter befriends the down on his luck JACK and takes him to an exclusive Halloween party in the Hollywood hills.


At the party, a series of revelations launch JACK into a reality changing, mind-bending race against time to not only save himself but the beautiful woman he just met. He must not only go to battle with his own mind but a lingering ghost from his past, all before a long-awaited showdown with a real life vampire. Nothing is what it seems in this harrowing Halloween thriller ripe with love triangles, cover-ups and conspiracy.



I consider this a sensationalized origin story of what it what like for me to move to Los Angeles as an actor and get flung into the exciting, yet volatile world of horror/thriller movie screenwriting.

The idea originated from a scene that I thought of while in the Los Feliz Vista Theater in the spring of 2018 waiting for Avengers Infinity War to start. Those notes in the theater turned into a four page scene called What's in the Box, and WHITE RABBIT slowly started to develop. 

In May of 2019, I joined the CFC - Collaborative Filmmakers Challenge, a two week film competition, and things really kicked into gear. I took that initial scene and turned it into something more AND FAST, teaming up with a producer and other actors to try and make it happen. 


I didn't end up shooting the 12 page short film I wrote, called SWITCH, because of scheduling and length constraints. BUT that two week DEADLINE period proved dividends to the spine and creation of the story. There was a line from the competition that all filmmakers had to incorporate into their story, and it still remains in the script, albeit slightly different.  

"This is the way your world ends. With "A BANG", and with a whimper."