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She Came From the Adjacent

Sci-Fi/Dark Comedy Limited Series Pilot

Washed up 90's teen sitcom star Jack Lateman sets out to write his own Sci-Fi TV show based on a 100-year old book The Hidden Republic, but when characters from the book mysteriously come to life, reality gets turned on it's head. 


Washed up 90's teen sitcom star Jack Lateman has seen better days. He's on the wrong side of 30, drinks too much, has all been cast out of Hollywood, and had become obsessed over a 100-year old audio book called The Hidden Republic. 


After a viral video of him walking out on the set of a B-level pilot presentation breaks the internet, Jack has an "office space" moment and parts ways with his long time manager.

When an awkward Uber ride brings Jack to the brink, he wakes up the next morning inspired to create his own TV show about his audio book obsession. After his nemesis building manager threatens eviction, Jack meets with a "for hire" writing partner in a coffee shop where they begin to brainstorm the pilot episode of She Came From the Adjacent.


But when two warring characters from The Hidden Republic book mysteriously land in Griffith Park on the same night, all previous ideas of known reality are off the table. Witnesses to the strange event, including a cancelled police detective, Alphabet government operatives, air traffic controllers, and various characters at a Griffith Observatory fashion model shoot, will all become intertwined as the mysterious origins of these distant off-world visitors slowly come to light.